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Bald / Closed Eyes. All Natural Soft Sculptured Jointed Baby, Child Safe Cloth Doll.
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38 cm / 15" tall.
Materials: a 100% cotton jersey, designer cotton, flannel, embroidery thread, bay yarn, poly fiber.
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20.5 cm / 8" tall floppy Waldorf doll.
Materials: sheep wool, cotton knit fabric, cotton blend yarn (hat & boots), embroidery thread. The hat is removable. Hair is stitched all over the doll's head.
Available at my Etsy store.
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The idea of the pouch-doll bed came from old days. I have heard that the first Waldorf teachers, in the 1920s, used something like that in the classrooms. Some dolly beds had an oval or a square bottom, and some were based on a hexagonal shape.

Tiny baby doll (from my Tiny Drops line, 9.5 cm (4") tall, you can see them here) and a crochet pouch that converts into a baby cot. Inside a doll's bed is a double-sided slightly quilted cotton mattress that is filled with carded wool.
The whole play set is very compact and is just the right size for a small child's hands. There are no small parts and the set is suitable for a child 1.5 + y.old (with adult supervision).
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I'm taking custom orders for these sets. Allow 1 week to finish the project.
Please email me with all your Qs!
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Gorgeous 35 cm / 13.8" tall OOAK hand stitched Baby Girl. The doll and her outfit designed and made by me.
Her eyes have been painted with non-toxic acrylic and sealed for a gentle shine, her blushing is also permanent. I gave her a beautiful chestnut brown synthetic mohair wig by Monique Collection. It looks and feels like a real baby hair. Her hair can be styled and washed as often as you like. Clothes made out of a 100% cotton knit fabric, flannel (they`re hand stitched as well), and soft baby yarn. Her teething toy is terry fabric & fleece.
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47 cm / 18.5" tall soft sculptured baby doll, wears real baby clothes (size 5 lbs). The hat is attached to the head. Body made out of baby terry, stuffed with high quality poly fiber, head & hands are a 100% hand dyed cotton knit fabric. Painted with non-toxic acrylic. Blanket is soft chenille "bunny tails" yarn, crochet detail - baby acrylic.
The doll is pose-able and perfect for displaying your handmade baby jackets, booties, blankets etc. Available.
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These girls are available. Price is $215.00 + shipping. More photos coming soon!


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