Apr. 1st, 2014

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Cotton & wool yarn, cotton knit fabric, sheep sliver, Italian mohair, and cotton embroidery thread.
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Dear Friends and Visitors! Finally we're on Facebook. Hopefully I'll have more time to work on the fb page and it will be updated quiet often. I don't like commenting here, on blogger, and simply had to turn it off. Maybe Facebook messaging would work better.
Your likes are always welcome! Thank you very much for all your kind words and feedback. You support is much appreciated!
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I've been making some doll clothes: pretty dress & ruffled diaper cover, diapers in 3 sizes, and body suits with matching headbands.. Phew! Almost done, just 4 more diapers to go :))
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Cute, still slightly bowed, and chubby but a bit longer than baby's.
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Just look at these two Monkey Guys: I've changed face proportions and made one pair of eyes a but smaller. See the difference? The Monkey on the left looks more babyish and the one on the right is more like a toddler.
 photo 2MonkeyGuys_zpse20dd950.jpg
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Strawberry Blonde Hair / Brown Eyes. All natural, Child Safe Textile Baby Doll.
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 photo lb2_zps8ae1bfa3.jpg
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Do you remember my "Blank" Peanut Baby? Here he is now getting ready to travel to Kent, UK. Thanks, Julie!
 photo bldb_zpsaa582b66.jpg
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Materials: 1 pair of hand dyed knee high cotton socks, polyester fiber, some felt and embroidery thread, yarn of craft fur to make a hair, craft sand to weight your doll (optional).
My Baby is modeling all cotton hand knit dress with crochet details. She also has satin ribbon bow and soft terry nappy.
 photo SockBaby5_zps12b761bb.jpg

 photo SockBaby6_zpsab59f378.jpg
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Light Brown Hair / Brown Eyes. All natural, Textile Baby Doll.
 photo FBD3_zps6a4ec2ee.jpg

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