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This is your chance to customize a doll (choose its eye color). Please message me if you're interested. Thanks!
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Made out of new & clean tight woven burlap. 9" / 23 cm when seated, full height is 13.5" / 34 cm. All the details are backed with a 100% cotton (muslin). The Bear is filled with fragrant and soft pine shavings. His eyes are aged "shoe buttons". All the decorative stitches & patches are done with a cotton string. The Bear is tinted with non-toxic acrylic (made in USA), so that all the colours are permanent. His head is not movable, but his arms and legs are button jointed. I gave him a rustic looking brass bell and a designer cotton scarf.
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Patti's Patties pattern. Hand crochet collar, heart applique, hand stitching on socks & mittens etc. Hair is jute fiber. Ribbons are attached to the doll's head. She is weighted.
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25 cm / 10" tall 5 point soft plastic jointed doll ~ has moving arms, legs, and head . The doll is soft and hug-able! Can be washed if needed.
The Doll's face has been soft sculptured. The eyes are painted with non-toxic acrylic paint (made in USA).
Materials: hand dyed organic cotton, soft non-shedding chenille (Germany), hypoallergenic polyester fiber, non-toxic acrylic paint (USA), embroidery thread (France), Peruvian hand spun wool, & snowflake plastic button. Weighted with tiny river pebbles.
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Paper clay mask face and soft sculptured body (bum, belly button, fingers, toes and so on). She is weighted in her tummy and is able to sit without any support.
Her hair is made out of bamboo yarn base and modacrylic tress and can be brushed and styled. The Doll's face is painted with non-toxic acrylic. Her eyes are sealed with matte varnish.
All her clothes were designed and made by me, and include a pair of cure little panties, designer cotton peasant blouse, velvet pants, and hand knitted wool seamless cardigan. The Doll is a collectible item as well as a play doll for children 4+ y.old.
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Curly Dark Brown Hair & Green Eyes. Soft Sculpture Baby Girl, Child Friendly Cloth Doll.
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Curly Brown Hair & Blue Eyes. Soft Sculpture Baby Girl, Child Friendly Cloth Doll.
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